Professional Counsellors help individuals, couples, families or groups who find themselves stuck with problems that don't seem to be resolved over time or with effort.

These problems are anything that stands between you and the goals, priorities and commitments of your life.

Scroll down to see the possible benefits professional counselling may hold for you:

Less Confusion
Enhanced Relationships
Peace of Mind
Improved Self-Esteem
More Satisfaction out of Life
Personal Growth
Improved Overall Health
A Happier Family
Improved Job Performance

If you need unbiased and confidential service then a professional counsellor can help. If you need someone on your side helping you to create goals, plans and decisions and to provide alternatives in difficult circumstances, then we can help.

We provide professional and helpful counselling and psychotherapy services to the Nanaimo community, in our office at Unit 12B - 1601 Bowen Road.  

Whether you are an individual, couple, family or group looking for a qualified professional to help make a difference, we are committed to help.

Let us help you focus on your past, present or future in order to help bring about change and new possibilities.

Initial Consultation is Free. To book just call 250-591-0551.

Although our counsellors are often in session they are committed to returning your message the day you call. Fees are covered by many employee extended benefit plans. Receipts are given that may be used to reduce many individuals yearly taxes.